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Dating Site Dictionary: Night 8

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“I really love a big-hearted woman” = “No, really,  I’m looking at your big heart!”

“It makes me happy to be with people who have good conflict resolution skills” = Likes to argue

“I am a self-made success from high school. I have wanted to graduate from college my entire childhood, but somehow found a way not to need a college degree.” = Began dealing drugs in high school

“Also, don’t message me if you can’t spell or read.” = “I’m serious! If you can’t read this, don’t message me.”

“I am a committed Christian and the Bible is the “bottom line” in my life. I am not religious, but I am committed.” = Bored inmate

“Can I get a holla?” = Profile created to “Catch A Predator”

“Can’t live without my iPod and flip flops” = you will never be as important to him as a pair of rubber shoes, but if you want to kill him, simply steal his iPod

“I like riding my handcycle along the beach” = “I may go blind”

“Why don’t I have any kids? (popular question) … I haven’t tried to make any!” = Virgin

“I am an avid chess player — when work, looking for new work, managing rental properties, and finishing my masters doesn’t get in the way” = Plays a lot of chess

“I’m confused by condiments.” =  So confused – keeps getting women pregnant

Written by Colette

December 17, 2010 at 7:32 pm

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