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Dating Site Dictionary: Night 7

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“I’ll surprise you when you least expect it” = Has a good grasp on the definition of “surprise”

“We share an ease of communication and always engage in lively, fun conversations covering a wide range of topics.” =  Favorite movie: A Beautiful Mind.

“Guitars in cases don’t get played” = Doesn’t believe in using condoms

“I’m here hoping to meet someone that recognizes the importance of good commutation” = Example from Merriam-Webster Dictionary: He appealed for a commutation of his death sentence to life imprisonment

Lists “how I met your mother” among “A Few Of My Favorite Things” = your father is on

Good morales = Dan Quayle is on

“Dog is one of my passions” = Dyslexic Catholic

“We don’t have to share all the same hobbies” = just one. . .

“I am looking to meet someone and not be sanding emails for too long” = Construction worker who brings work home with him

“I have a business dealing with women’s clothe it’s a very high end workout” = “Just like I leave the ‘s’ of clothes, I’d like to leave the clothes off you and get in a good workout”

“You should have the wisdom to go with the flow when appropriate” = “Just tell me I’m right, always”

“The greatest intimacy is best-achieved with some space” = Well-endowed

“You value sharing the tiny adventures of daily life with me” = not so well-endowed

Written by Colette

December 16, 2010 at 10:19 pm


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